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Homemade bomb found at mall near Columbine high (Reuters)

DENVER (Reuters) – A occupied buying mall close to Columbine Large College was evacuated on Wednesday following authorities responding to a modest fire at the retail complex discovered two propane tanks and a pipe bomb, officials mentioned.

Twelve a long time to the day soon after two Columbine High College pupils shot dead a teacher, twelve students and by themselves on April twenty, 1999, the units were discovered at Southwest Plaza Mall, about a mile from Columbine.

Jacki Kelley, spokeswoman for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Workplace, stated the protection scare began when a small blaze broke out in the mall’s meals court about noon on Wednesday.

Firefighters arriving on the scene found out the propane tanks “at the origin of the fire,” and police ordered an believed 10,000 shoppers and mall workers out of the complicated, Kelley explained.

Bomb squads later uncovered the pipe bomb nearby as they combed by way of the sprawling plaza with explosives-detecting canines, she mentioned.

Amid the arsenal that Columbine assailants Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris brought to college during their assault in 1999 had been pipe bombs and propane tanks fashioned into bombs.

The similarity of units identified at the mall to the explosives in the school assault was not misplaced on investigators, Kelley mentioned.

“It is very disturbing that this transpired nowadays of all days,” Kelley said.

FBI agents named to the scene had been treating the bomb placements as “a circumstance of domestic terrorism,” Kelley stated.

FBI spokesman Dave Joly later told reporters that investigators think the pipe bomb was meant to set off a more substantial explosion of the propane tanks.

Kelley said the bomb fell apart whilst explosives technicians have been managing the gadget as they ready to detonate it, and it was “rendered secure.”

Investigators reviewed videotapes from surveillance cameras for clues, and later on introduced two nonetheless photos from the tapes displaying a gray-haired guy with a mustache and baseball cap they described as a “man or woman of interest.”

The FBI asked for the public’s help in finding the unidentified man, who was captured in a single photo close to a door by a stairwell, carrying a plastic grocery bag in one hand.

Columbine cancels classes every single year on the anniversary of the massacre there. But other universities in the region had been put on lock-down for the duration of Wednesday’s bomb scare at the mall as a precaution till the all-obvious was given, Kelley mentioned.

The mall will continue to be closed until the investigation is complete.

Discovery of the pipe bomb came a day following police in Colorado Springs, about 50 miles to the southeast, confronted a teenage boy who admitted posting “Columbine-type threats” versus his large school on his Facebook account.

A police spokesman mentioned the Palmer Substantial College ninth grader informed officers who visited his residence Tuesday that the threats ended up meant as a joke, and he apologized, along with his loved ones.

The university student, whose name was not released, also agreed to remain house from college on Wednesday. Police patrols and protection at the school ended up stepped up for the day, police said.

(Reporting by Keith Coffman and Steve Gorman Editing by Dan Whitcomb, Greg McCune)

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Pak car bomb strikes at police, 15 killed – Hindustan Times

A car bomb destroyed a police investigation department in Karachi late Thursday, killing at least 15 people and wounding more than 40 others, officials said. One government official said a group of militants first opened fire before detonating a bomb, comparing the explosion to a massive bombing

that killed 60 people at the five-star Marriott hotel in Islamabad in September 2008.

The teeming city of 16 million is the country’s economic capital, home to its stock exchange and an Arabian Sea port where NATO supplies dock ready to be trucked overland to support the US-led war effort in Afghanistan.

“They came in a car. First they engaged police by opening fire. Then they hit the building with the car full of explosives,” said Zulfiqar Mirza, the interior minister of the southern province of Sindh, of which Karachi is the capital.

“It was a huge blast, which created a big crater, a bit like the Islamabad Marriott hotel,” he added.

Witnesses and police said the building, which belonged to the police’s Crime Investigation Department, collapsed trapping people under the rubble.

“Fifteen people have been killed and more than 30 injured,” said Sharmilla Farooqi, a spokeswoman for the Sindh government.

Police said initially that more than 25 people had been wounded, most of them policemen.

“The building has been completely destroyed. I can see a crater of 15 feet (three metres). Some houses were also badly damaged behind the building,” senior police official Tariq Razzaq Dharejo told AFP.

Local TV channel GEO broadcast footage of the site showing rescue workers ferrying people on stretchers into ambulances, dazed civilians stumbling in the street and a mass of twisted metal.

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Parcel bomb set to go off over the US, police say –

Intelligence agencies believe that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular was
targeting passenger planes with hundreds of people on board, because the
bomb was carried on a scheduled flight on the first leg from Yemen.

Ensuring that it exploded over land would cause more casualties on the ground
and US intelligence officers believe that an earlier parcel sent to an
Islamic bookshop in Chicago was planned as a dry run to get the timing right.

White House spokesman Nicholas Shapiro said: “We greatly appreciate the highly
professional nature of the UK investigation and the spirit of partnership
with which UK authorities have pursued this matter.”

The alert has exposed the vulnerability of passenger aircraft which carry 60
per cent of unaccompanied cargo into the US.

The plan to blow up aircraft as they came in to land in the US has echoes of
the trans-Atlantic airline plot of 2006 in which British suicide bombers
were planning to attack at least seven aircraft flying to north America
using homemade liquid bombs.

The real device was taken apart just under three hours before it was set to
detonate but explosives officers from Scotland Yard did not realise at the
time that they had defused a live bomb.

The UPS parcel flight from Cologne to Chicago landed at East Midlands airport
to refuel at 2.13am on Friday October 29, according to new information
released by the police.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command received a
tip-off as it stood on the tarmac at 3.28am and scrambled to make the 120
mile journey up the M1.

In the meantime it was removed from the plane by cargo handlers, taken to a
warehouse and cordoned by Leicestershire Police.

The cargo plane took off at 4.20am heading for Chicago and would probably have
been over Canada or the East coast of the US, depending on the route taken,
when the device was set to go off six hours later.

However the police said it was “disrupted” at East Midlands Airport by
explosive officers during the initial examination when they removed the
printer cartridge from the printer at approximately 7.40am.

The officers did not find the 400g of PETN explosive inside the printer
cartridge and gave the all clear at around 10am.

Meanwhile MI6 went back to the source of the tip-off in Saudi Arabia to get
further information and the explosives were eventually discovered at around

A similar device was found around the same time in Dubai that had also been
sent from Yemen.

Inside each parcel was a printer and some souvenirs and books designed to make
it look as though the package was being sent by a student.

The bombs were addressed to two synagogues in Chicago, one of which was the
former address of the Or Chadash congregation, which serves lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgendered Jews and their families.

The return addresses given were two English language schools in Sanaa, the
capital of Yemen, the Yemen American Institute for Languages-Computer
Management, and the American Center for Training and Development.

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Cargo plane bomb plot: ink cartridge bomb ‘timed to blow up over US’ –

A Scotland Yard spokesman said the cargo plane arrived at East Midlands
Airport from Cologne at 2.13am BST and left at 4.20am BST “after the
suspect package had been removed”.

“Forensic examination has indicated that if the device had activated it
would have been at 10.30am BST,” he said.

“If the device had not been removed from the aircraft the activation
could have occurred over the eastern seaboard of the US.”

He added that the bomb was “disrupted” when explosive officers
removed the printer cartridge from the printer during their initial
examination of the device at about 7.40am BST.

Experts in Germany said the bomb, and another found in Dubai, contained at
least 300g (10.58oz) of the powerful explosive PETN.

It had travelled through a UPS hub at Germany’s Cologne airport before being
detected in the UK following the tip-off, officials said.

Both devices, which were bound for Chicago, originated in Yemen and are
thought to have been made and dispatched by al Qaida.

An anti-terror investigation was focusing on Saudi-born bomb-maker Ibrahim
Hassan al-Asiri, believed to be a member of al-Qaida in the Arabian
Peninsula (Aqap), as the prime suspect for making the bombs.

He is also believed to have been responsible for making the device involved in
the failed Christmas Day bomb plot over Detroit last year.

As part of new security measures brought in following the foiled attacks,
countries sending airfreight to the UK will be “graded” according to risk,
Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said.

Rules which allowed some freight not to be rescreened if it was merely passing
through the UK were being amended, he added.

Ink cartridges larger than 500g (17.6oz) will be banned from hand baggage on
flights departing from the UK and also on cargo flights unless they
originate from a regular shipper with security arrangements approved by the
Department for Transport.

The FBI and Homeland Security Department in the US have warned local officials
across the country that packages from abroad with no return address and
excessive postage required a second examination.

They added that Aqap was not behind the September 3 crash of a UPS cargo plane
in Dubai, despite claims to the contrary from the group itself.

Crash investigators have found no evidence of an explosion on board the UPS
cargo plane.

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